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Dan Yarbrough 
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Our History.
In July of 2009 we acquired Bad Boy Buggies
for Victoria and South Texas...What a wonderful opportunity!
 My name is Dan Yarbrough, I am a lifelong Victorian.
We contacted our new friend Tom Mansell,
National Sales Manager for Bad Boy Buggies in Natchez, Mississippi.
He came to Victoria to look us over and found us to be very aggressive and enthusiastic about the future of this great product in South Texas!
We received our first shipment in early August 2009,
and quickly begged for more!
By the way,  they are scarce and only dealers
that sell them quickly are kept fully stocked!
I have since sold my Polaris Ranger!

In just five short months we rose to
#1 in Sales in Texas (#7 in the USA).
We did such by having a “sharp pencil” and providing our customers with
Superior service before and after the sale!
Having plenty of inventory makes our job easy.
Because we have a large inventory and other dealers do not...
We now have customers in Oklahoma, Colorado, Arkansas,
Louisiana, and New Mexico!
 Our motto is:
 “Never an Unhappy Customer !”.
Folks from all over South Texas are enjoying...
A pleasant buying experience
Super fast service
 Quality Repair.

We employ two certified techs at all times
and will overnight parts if necessary !

I Enjoy getting up early to come to work,
  and believe strongly in our product, and
Enjoy working with you!”

 Call today,


Victoria Bad Boy Buggies